2016 Fandom Achievement Awards

An Introduction to Swirl & Daisy
Beyond Time
Edward's Eternal
High Anxiety
Lisa A. Hollett
Master of the Universe
Mina Rivera
The Plan
There is a Light
TwiFic Meet Up, with special recognition to mskathy, Ky Girltwo, and Lynzy Lee

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- Tribute by squalloogal -

On January 5, 2010, a handful of readers would stumble across a Twilight fanfiction with an author’s notation in the title that this was a “non-romantic romance.” By its completion on January 5, 2015, tens of thousands of readers would know exactly what that meant. They’d also have become besotted by the two unlikely characters known as Swirl and Daisy. An Introduction to Swirl and Daisy: The Non-Romantic Romance would be the first sweetfic to explode, and by its completion, it would have many admirers, raised thousands for charity, have several exclusive side-takes, and be gifted as a PDF to the fandom by m81170, its author.
To understand the impact, let me take you back to the beginning of our little Twific fandom.
Within a year of Stephenie Meyer releasing her first novel, Twilight, into the world, there were hundreds of Twific stories to be found on fanfiction.net. Most of these fanfics were rewritings of Twilight with a few plot changes; alternate universe stories dominated, with vampire Edward and teen Bella just doing their thing and usual canon pairings set in Forks where vampires abound.
Then authors like vjgm stopped writing funny AU stories and finally ventured into AH (all-human) fanfics. This changed everything. More diverse characterisations started to show up. Things got kinky and dark. Olderward, Darkward, Domward, etc. could be found everywhere. Readers like myself finally worked out how to follow WIPs (works in progress), and audiences grew. Authors started receiving one to two thousand reviews per story.
In 2009, there were more and more multi-chapter fics. The one-shot and the five-to-ten chapter fic stopped being the main drawcard for audiences. Stories by lolashoes, tby789, AngstGoddess003, Amethyst Jackson, bellaflan, d0tpark3r, Mrs.TheKing ect., most of whom are now published authors, started gathering larger audiences. Five to ten thousand reviews brought readers to these fantastic fanfics.
That’s when Swirl and Daisy appeared; a geekfest, a sweetfic that related to a lot of readers. It was the story of a shy and nerdy twelve-year-old Edward a.k.a. Swirl and the diary-writing, social misfit Bella a.k.a Daisy who loved him. We watched them meet in yearbook class, struggle over cursing, become friends, flirt, date, kiss, and fall in love. We watched them fight and grow, argue and break up. We laughed and cried with them and chose fandom allegiances with them. We raised money for sick kids to get a little extra exclusive time with them. They became our Swirl and Daisy.
Many of us had come to the Twilight fanfic fandom from other fandoms. For myself and the Author of Swirl and Daisy, m81170, we came from the Harry Potter fandom and sites like The Leaky Cauldron and Mugglenet. It was easy to relate to Daisy’s (Bella) fascination with all things Harry Potter and Daniel Radcliff. For others, they were enchanted by Swirl’s (Edward) obsession with everything to do with Lord of the Rings, which had a resurgence around the same time. What we experienced online and in our real lives, we also experienced reading Swirl and Daisy.

m81170 put herself on the page, pouring out all her joy, as many authors do. She and her brilliant beta, xsecretxkeeperx, worked tirelessly to give us a story we would relate to and cherish.
The success of An Introduction to Swirl and Daisy cleared the way for other sweetfics and Geekwards. Daniel Gale: Cumming to America by Anneteskitty (who published days after m81170) and Animate Me by abstract way (now published) definitely shared audiences with Swirl and Daisy. The success of these stories encouraged other writers to try different tropes and genres. We have much to thank for this lovely, warm delight that is An Introduction to Swirl and Daisy: The Non-Romantic Romance.

Thank you, m81170! Love, your Tiger Muskie, Squally <3

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- Tribute by PaTrizia 88 -

When I came across this story a long time ago, I put it on my never-ending TBR list, immediately knowing this was a piece of work I needed to keep and devour at a later date, because there is nothing like “the first time” when it is about fanfiction. You know what I’m talking about. Needless to say, to those of you who have read it already, there will be not only a first but a second, a third, and possibly more times you’ll want to re-read and visit the story again and again.
Why is this piece such a fandom a must, you may ask? Why is it so important to this fandom as a whole? Why does it deserve a Fandom Achievement Award?
I’d say it’s because TKegl not only created one of the most intriguing plots ever published in this fandom, but she outdid herself with her flawless writing style and her detailed descriptions of another time and place. She not only played with the original Twilight, she added to it.

She actually created a prequel, a piece that provides answers to so many questions we might have gathered while reading the originals.
She sheds light onto the many facets of Edward Cullen’s character; his literally marbled behaviour patterns, the somewhat immature way he handles some things yet is so well-behaved and mannered, his chivalry, his tendencies to decide for the woman he loves and respects but still thinks he knows what’s best for her.
TKegl transports us through space and time into the year 1918, to the city of Chicago, the place where human Edward was born and raised. It’s the place where Isabella Swan meets a 17-year-old, hormonal, slightly chauvinistic member of the patriarchal society of that time. It’s a time when women are just beginning to rise and demand the right to vote, to have a career and make their own decisions.
Some might have difficulties to categorize TKegl’s brilliantly written story into a certain genre. To some, it is science fiction; to others, it is a historic period piece.
I’d say she created a new category.
Unlike many other authors of time-travel stories, she safely navigates through all the possible plot holes, the many illogical aspects that often arise during the narration of such a complex story, where the past happens after the future due to one person altering, inevitably, at least some parts of what is yet to come.
She not only stays strictly canon with her characters, she also brings to life a whole new set of lovely protagonists to fill this other part of Edward and (now also) Bella’s world with life.
TKegl brings old friends and enemies to this place, creating a tightly woven net of circumstances that will add up to where we will meet again with our beloved cast of vampires, wolves, and humans. She comes full circle, meeting all the resolutions where we need them to.
And still, she has us on our toes until the very last chapter. Predictability is not an issue with this outstanding piece of art. It is not only entertaining, it is in parts funny as hell and romantic and dramatic and thrilling and surprising and never ever dragging or exhausting or boring.
When you see the length of this opus, you might cringe and think, like I did, “This is too long. I might come back to this later.” DON’T! Just start reading now! It is worth every page and every minute of your precious time, and it deserves this Fandom Achievement Award.
I promise.

Xox, Pat

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- Tribute by Midnight Cougar - 

I read my first Edward’s Eternal chapter and left my very first FF review for her on September 20, 2011. I cannot believe it’s been that long since I saw a rec for her first fic, Simply Coffee, posted in kitkat681’s Facebook group and, thankfully, clicked the link and began to read. I remember, so well, that once I started reading her words, I could not get enough of them; there was nothing ‘simply’ about them. The well-rounded characters and touching storyline hit a nerve with me, driving me to read updates with eager anticipation, and I have been reading her work ever since.
Indeed, Simply Coffee may have started it all for Edward’s Eternal—Melanie Moreland in the publishing world—as an author in the Twilight fandom, but I must backtrack for a moment. Before the writing and posting of her unforgettable stories began, Melanie was a quiet but avid reader and competent beta for some of our fandom’s most well-known authors, such as windchymes, sheviking, and kitkat681. Melanie says she fell in love with Twilight in April of 2009 . . . and that love grew when she stumbled onto fanfiction in the fall of the same year . . . and that love grew once again when she began to write in 2011, and so goes her story.

Now, at the start of 2017, she is one of the most prolific writers I know; her passion for writing and creativity knows no bounds. More than three dozen fanfictions and five published works later, Melanie is still going strong as a talented and accomplished author. Her works are memorable; her male protagonists some of the sweetest, hunkiest (totally dating us, but whatever *grins*), and sexiest going; and her originality in storyline never ceases to amaze me with each work she creates. As many of her readers already know, Melanie likes to draw from her own life experiences and depict them throughout her stories. Whether it’s in plot, setting, or characters, there’s an underlying personal element magically woven into her works, and this ‘personal touch’ clearly comes through to the readers and sets her works apart.
There is no doubt Melanie can turn her pen to any genre. She gives her readers the choice of light and fluffy romance, comedy, drama, suspense, or even something meatier to read; regardless of whether it is fanfiction or published fiction, depending on our mood, we can find our heart’s desire in her words. Melanie says, about the Fanfiction.net site, that she, “Strongly believe[s] some of the authors on this site could rival most of the drivel that is published. The talent is amazing.” And when I think about all I’ve read in our Twilight fandom, I couldn’t agree more, which undoubtedly includes her captivating and ever-memorable works.
With a Facebook group of over 2,700 members, Melanie’s following is strong and continues to grow. She values all her readers, never forgetting where she started. As Edward’s Eternal, she still chooses to write fanfiction, something for which she is often praised by her many fans. She is incredibly popular as ‘EE’ because she ‘gets’ Edward. Whether he’s the classic romantic, strong hero, or reluctant exemplar, she gets him, and in turn, so do we as readers. This could be attributed to what Melanie has said many times: she has her own personal Edward, in her lovingly devoted and supportive husband, Matthew. We should all be so lucky.
As I look back, almost six years later—Wow! Time really does fly when you’re having fun!—I’ll never forget the first time I chatted with Melanie on Facebook; it was about her fanfiction and her being a budding writer. She was nervous and unsure, but as the years passed—and she learned ‘penis’ is actually spelled C-O-C-K (Right, Melanie? lol)—I have watched her skills and confidence grow and prosper. As her beta and editor, it’s been rewarding, and I couldn’t be prouder.
Melanie is one of the most imaginative and expressive storytellers I’ve had the pleasure to read and one of the sweetest people I’ve ever had the honor to meet. Not only has Melanie left her mark on me as a dear friend and prolific writer, but she has left one on the Twilight fandom, as well. Her legacy will live on in her words that people continue to read and reread.
Finally, to return to Simply Coffee, where my love of her writing and the beginning of our treasured friendship began . . . I raise my coffee cup to you . . .

Melanie, sweet EE, you are simply eternal!

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-  Tribute by spanglemaker9/Amanda Weaver - 

It’s safe to say that since its explosion in 2006, Twilight fan fiction has taken the original characters and canon storyline and pushed everything as far as it could possibly go in every direction. Edward and Bella—along with every single character mentioned in canon and a whole bunch more Stephenie Myers never got around to creating—have gone back to the Stone Age and far into the future. They’ve been to elementary school, high school, college, and into the workplace; they’ve hung out in coffee shops and sex dungeons, in post-apocalyptic bunkers and space stations, in heaven and hell and a million alternate realms in between. They’ve overcome acts of god, jealous exes, nuclear winter, and even death, in the quest for…whatever ending awaits them, whether it’s true love or its exact opposite.
Looking back from 2017, we know what can be done with these characters and this world, but back in 2009, we were still figuring it out, trying new things, pushing boundaries, and letting our creativity run wild. Amid those heady early days of fic, TallulahBelle began writing Elemental. All the canon basics were there; Bella, the shy high schooler moving to Forks from Phoenix; stand-offish Edward and his beautiful, mysterious family; high school and all its requisite angst; and a lot of supernatural stuff going on behind the scenes that Bella was struggling to understand. Sounds like canon, except….
Instead of vampires, the Cullens were witches, and so was Bella, once somebody let her in on the secret. And not just any witches—witches who could control elements. It’s a testament to TallulahBelle’s creativity that each witch’s element matches so perfectly with their canon personality. It’s like sorting them into Hogwarts houses—when it’s right, it’s so obvious. Of course Rosalie is a fire witch! There’s nothing else she could be!
Weaving together pagan folklore and wiccan tradition, along with a multitude of canon elements, TallulahBelle created a fully fleshed out and believable magic world, one full of detail and depth. Alongside the main story taking place in the present day, there are hints and layers of earlier stories. The world she created didn’t spring into existence the moment the current story began; it’s been spinning out for generations, and it will continue well past Elemental’s epilogue. We’re just seeing a small corner of a much larger tapestry.
Elemental rightly holds a place as an important fic that pushed boundaries. TallulahBelle didn’t just do something new. She did it with thoroughness and thoughtfulness, creating something with meaning and depth that has stood the test of time. It shows in the fic’s enduring popularity. Our fandom was made better for the creation of this wonderful story.

High Anxiety

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- Tribute by 107yearoldvirgin/Amber Johnson - 

Oh, God. Isn’t it fitting that being asked to write a tribute for High Anxiety has given me massive anxiety? This fic—this MONSTER FIC—that's so well known by name alone, has this ability to take you straight back to that exact moment you first read it. Do you remember where you were when it started to build and it suddenly exploded? Do you remember waiting for the updates?
Let me back up for a second. Some may say I’m a little biased here. EdwardsBloodType, also known as Stephanie, stood in my kitchen two months ago while I cried about my writer’s block and told her I wished I could write like her. She laughed and said that was bullshit. But she knows. She knows she is the reason I started writing fanfiction in the first place, which, in return, means she’s the reason I have published books. One click can take you somewhere magical and change your life forever.
For me, it was an IMDB page for The Office. That was my first real fandom where I was active; going into chat rooms, obsessing over characters, heart flutters over Jim Halpert. But somewhere in the message board was an official link to The Office fanfiction. I had NO IDEA what this meant. Were Pam and Jim, like, DOING IT? Were they pranking Dwight? Imagine my surprise when I clicked and Edward Cullen was doing what he was doing to Bella Swan against a glass window.
I clicked out, red-faced.
My heart raced.
I squirmed.
And then I hid in my bathroom for an hour, pretending to be sick or something so I could figure out what the hell I had gotten myself into.
I honestly can’t tell you how I found EBT from there. Maybe a recommendation. Maybe just sheer luck. I know it started with I’ll Be Your Lover Too. It was brilliant, and I was obsessed with her writing style, with the wit and the sex and the heat. And let’s be real. The woman wrote Rob and Edward into a story together in the same room. There were no rules. So when she started a new story about kids in high school, I wasn’t sure what to expect.
What she delivered was, as my favorite Goodreads review reads, “a story that is literally as long as War and Peace.” Holy crap! We laugh about that all the time. It’s true, but it doesn’t matter. High Anxiety introduced us to a Bella who was cool and stylish, a Bella who really didn’t take shit from anyone. We met an Edward who clearly had a secret, but with each and every chapter, more and more was revealed.
Inside their heads, we were allowed to feel the build of electricity and youthful heat as their mutual attraction grew. The banter and relationships between the side characters were REAL. Everything felt like you were right there; watching Bella through her window, smoking with the boys in the treehouse, suddenly finding an affinity for chocolate, longing for a pair of red boots, and, of course, wishing that they could touch for real… just once.
I’m sorry, but I never again encountered another writer who made me have to take a shower after describing a dude brushing a girl’s hair and almost giving her a giant O ala 40 Days and Nights. This was also the first time I had ever read an author specify she had spoken with a friend who was a lawyer to make sure she had gotten everything right in regard to Edward’s “punishment.” Dedication. EBT had it.
With clarity, I can remember the first time I read Edward calling Bella “B” to her face and stopping himself because “B” meant “beautiful.” My heart swelled and ached with his in that moment. It was perfect.
She made me believe in these characters. She shaped them and took them out of the Twilight universe and made them her own. She inspired me to try my own hand at it, and I know I’m not the only one.
Stephanie gave the fandom a beautiful gift, and I’m glad I was there to witness as it was being formed. She brought thousands of people together to squeal, cry, rage, and anguish over the plight of two kids who maybe wouldn’t have stood a chance. But she made it work. And she made a lot of people believe that heaven is filled with pink houses.
I hope mine has glitter cannons pointed directly at her house so I can celebrate her existence even then.

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- Tribute by Cara Dee - 

So I opened this document to write to and about one of my best friends. I've got this stupid grin on my face because I'm fucking thrilled this acknowledgment goes to Lisa. Or, as we know her in the fandom, HollettLA. Right now, I'm drawing a blank on what to say. There's just so much. I mean, this is Lisa we're talking about. The HollettLA. She's a "the" person.
I guess I'll start at the beginning. Did you guys know I didn’t answer her first PM? She offered to beta for me, and I was insanely intimidated. I didn’t know many in the fandom at that point; I just wrote and posted and pretended I knew what I was doing.
Thank goodness she messaged me again. I don't know exactly how many weeks or months had passed, but enough had changed that I was ready to learn more and get involved in the fandom community, so I accepted. I've been lucky to call her a friend ever since.
I'm not gonna lie. The first time I received a document with her notes in it, I was… Well, first I was embarrassed. Then I was insulted and wondered where the hell she got the balls to correct my work and make suggestions on how to improve. Wasn’t I already awesome? (Looking back at those stories now, as glad as I am to have written them, I cringe at everything from my grammar and sentence structure to character development and missing words.) But that’s the thing about Lisa. She's a perfectionist when it comes to work, and she wants me to be the best I can be. She evidently saw something in me, and I can—without a single doubt—say I wouldn’t be writing for a living today if it weren't for her. She challenges me like the terrific editor she is, she catches my mistakes, she asks questions to make sure my plot is solid, and she's so damn passionate.
She's beta'd for a lot of fandom peeps. A lot, a lot, a lot. Let's face it; the girl got around. That’s one of the things I remember from when I was more active in the fandom. She was constantly offering to help someone—often with a glass of wine in her hand.
Lisa's like that as a friend, too. She may claim to get exhausted by peopling, but she aces it. She goes all in to help and be there for anyone she cares about. When I lived with her, for instance, she went in 100% to help me try as many drinks as possible. By the end of my stay, I was going through withdrawals. That’s dedication.
Kidding aside… Lisa, I admire you, adore you, and aspire to be the friend you are. You're one of the funniest people I know. You've been there for me when I was going through the worst of times, you've given me new experiences I'll never forget, and dammit, you made me teary-eyed both times I had to fly home. You always have something to say—whether it's witty as hell or a piece of wisdom from the bottom of your favorite white Zinfandel bottle (okay, I'm gonna pay for that)—at the same time as you're a great listener and support. For chrissakes, you even made me like cats. Actually, let's not get crazy; just one cat. Even though I'm certain Mully, too, is conspiring against the human race to eventually take over the world.
If I live to be wrinkly and gray, I know I'll look back and see you as one of the people I admired the most. Hopefully you'll sit right next to me going, "Hey, try this drink."
World traveler, editor, beta, producer, food-porn tease, Target slut, addict of coupons, supporter of equality… and my friend. It's sort of an understatement, but if there's one moment that sums up the happiness we've shared in my opinion, it would be the time Brett Kissel played on Lido deck on the last cruise. The place was freaking buzzing, lit up by the pool and spotlights; everyone was having a great time, and you took a photo when he performed “Raise Your Glass” just as he lifted his beer bottle. Goosebumps!
All my love, Lisa, and I can't wait to see you this summer.
*raises glass*

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-  Tribute by Packy - 

Since April 2009, LyricalKris has blessed our hearts and lives with her amazing words and captivating stories. Writing for a total of four fandoms—Harry Potter, Supernatural, Captain America, and Twilight, our very own gem—LyricalKris brings a unique perspective, character, and raw talent to the culture of Twilight storytelling. As one of our veteran authors, her track record is astounding. With an astounding total of 89 Twilight stories posted to her fanfiction account—60+ completed, multi-chaptered Twifics; over 70 miniature story prompts (tidbits), 10+ one-shots, and a few postings for other fandoms—Lyricalkris has contributed well over four million words of her own to this fandom alone.

LyricalKris is not just an amazing fanfiction author, but she is a marvelous person and a fiercely loyal friend. Erudite and well mannered in every area, she is extremely passionate and dedicated in the things she believes in. She is also a huge nerd and practical joker, and her Facebook group, Stories by Lyricalkris, can always be counted on for laughs, teasers, and fellowship on a regular basis.

Another area worthy of recognition is LyricalKris' nature of credence and respectability.  You can count on her to write about things or scenarios she has a genuine passion for. In fics like Lost Half, Nightmare Before Christmas, and The Captive and the Coward, you can expect the content and harsh topics to be handled ethically and with utmost dignity. With lighter fics such as Playing Cops & Vloggers, Good Vibrations and AudioVisual, you can still expect a gratifying delight. Kris displays her confidence by being upfront with where her stories are heading; 95% of the time, it tends to be down an angsty route. One of my favorite quotes from her reflects this: [In regard to believing in HEAs] “Yes, I just believe in making my characters work for it.” And with each story, you can tell she remains true and loyal to her very words.

LyricalKris' versatility is one of my favorite traits of hers. Her talent is limitless. She has written over 10 pairings in Twific alone: Bella/Edward, Bella/Carlisle, Edward/Jasper, and pretty much a little bit of Jasper with everybody. Ha! Plus, she recently branched out into a pairing she swore she would never write. The wonderful slashfic Trouble stars Edward and Kris' most immaculate Carlisle. Well, at least he was sacred until that fic damn near ruined him and all of us in the process. Another accomplishment of hers would be her debut vampfic, Inhuman Nature, currently a WIP and currently also working on slaying us all.

You can always count on LyricalKris to be open to respectable discussions on things related and unrelated to her writing, and she is very approachable and resourceful on a number of topics. She tells jokes and offers great advice, and a conversation with her is never dull, often filled with witty cracks and jovial laughs. There seems to be a light and airy energy wherever she goes, which filters into everything she does. Be it writing a new story or posting about a movie she's watching, she somehow possesses an uncanny ability to transform moments from her own life into an experience for everyone looking.

Apart from all of this, Kris possesses an honest-to-god generous heart. Writing is her own personal gift to the world. Spilling words and telling stories is as natural as breathing to her; truly her own personal brand of heroin. She has always been and remains a highly interactive and charitable member of the fandom. She has written for and supported a number of Twific contests such as the Truly Anon, Back Slash 2.0, and the Anything Goes contests. She has donated a number of stories to various fandom-driven causes such as the Fandom for LLS, Fandom Fights Tsunami Fundraiser, and Fandom for Mental Health compilations. She's also known for dedicating stories to members in the fandom in celebration of their birthdays and special events, and she is always looking for different ways to surprise her readers for the holidays and every day in between. If one person truly possesses a heart and soul of giving, it's LyricalKris.

In conjunction with all LyricalKris does for the Twilight fandom, she is also an author of original fiction. Published as Kristina Sanchez, she has now written and published a total of four works of original fiction: Duplicity, her debut novel; One to Tell the Grandkids; Finding Purgatory; and Spaces Between Notes. She’s also currently working on one to be released. She pours the same amount of blood, sweat, and tears into her original work as she does in the fandom. I've had the opportunity to be by her side through her journey, and I have never been prouder at the growth and adventures she has experienced.

When it comes to LyricalKris, one can always expect to walk away with an aura of inspiration and highly influenced by her literary rhetoric. She has impacted this fandom in a tremendous number of ways, and she continues to be a very active part of it. I cannot imagine a Twilight fandom where she does not exist, and I hope we never have to.

So here's to LyricalKris. You, my friend, are a force to be reckoned with. You are a dignified honor to this fandom, and we count ourselves beyond blessed to have you in our corner. So, from the bottom of my heart and the hearts of many, thank you. Thank you for all that you do in becoming one with us and allowing us to become one with you.

Master of the Universe

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- Tribute by Jada D’Lee/RoseArcadia - 

When I was asked to write this tribute for Master of the Universe (MotU), I was nervous. I've said it over and over in my fandom days: I'm not a writer. I had no idea how to start. Plus, I had to figure out which direction to go in. After all, there are so many ways to connect with this story and author. To the world, it's Fifty Shades of Grey and she's EL James. To our fandom, it was Master of the Universe and she was Icy. However, to me, she's just my friend, Erika, who wrote a sexy love story. So let me tell you about that…

When I joined the fandom, I adored how everyone was able to create a bond over the stories we loved to read together. The worst cases would be when you'd find a great, life-changing fic and no one else was reading it. That bonding and gushing over the stories made it an experience, not just a story. It was one of the reasons I began creating animations for these stories, to add to the fun the readers were having together. When I received an email in 2009 to read and create an animation for a story called Master of the Universe, I curiously took a peek. Peeking lead to intrigue, intrigue lead to excitement, and excitement lead to an absolute need for more! And that is what lead me to offering the author, Icy, an animation. It’s a message that would change everything.

It basically started with us fangirling all over each other. After a few back and forth compliments, we got down to working on the animation, and boy, what an animation it turned out to be! She had these great ideas, things I'd never thought to try. It inspired me to be better than I had ever been before, one of the first of many times she would inspire me in my life.

Icy was kind, passionate, daring, and crazy funny! From there, she introduced me to the MotU forum, where I would end up meeting some of my best friends in the world. We joked, we played around, and we looked forward to every single update of the story. Oh, the story! A love story with kink, it had it all! To me, that was why it became so popular. Not only did it have all the lemons fic readers love, but it had a plot and a romance; angst, drama, love, mystery. And unlike some other authors, Erika would be right there after the chapter would post, discussing the events of the chapter with us. Not to mention, MotU updated often, which wasn't common in those days at all. The story was also known for its cliffies, always leaving us wanting more! And because of Icy's brilliant light and talent, we soon became more than a forum; we all became lifelong friends.

Now, fast forward eight years. Book deals, movie deals, seeing her on television, magazines, finally meeting her in person, and her “How do you say this in American?” editing days, which is my absolute favorite! Such a surreal, crazy ride!

And did that fame change Erika? Not even a little bit. Still the same friend she always was, using our names for characters in her Fifty Shades books and movies like she used to use our fandom names in her MotU fics. She never forgot where she came from, but more than anything, MotU inspired countless other fanfiction authors to also take the leap into publishing.  And for Icy, even though it must be exhausting for her, she still takes time every day to connect with her readers on social media and loves every minute of it! Her audience may have grown, but her connection with her readers remains just like it did in that small fanfic forum. From MotU to Fifty, the fan experience remains just as incredible.

On a personal note, I just wanted to say how proud I am of you, Icy. “Life is not a dress rehearsal,” Erika often says, and she is absolutely right. She has shown the whole world it's worth taking the risk, and I couldn't be prouder.  It's pretty clear why her work is being recognized here. Her contributions extend far beyond the fandom that first welcomed her. We not only celebrate her success and this story, but also the pride she has for her Twilight beginnings. Erika, EL, Icy. No matter what you call her, she's simply amazing. Love you, BB!

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- Tribute by LyricalKris/Kristina Sanchez - 

Oh, fandom.
We all know the outsiders who look at us and call us geeks at best (and at worst). Well, we’ve all been there. What they don’t understand is it’s not just about the sparkling vampires—or comic book superheroes, hunters and angels, lightsabers and a galaxy far, far away; choose your poison. Fandom is so much more than the work that brings us together.
What we find in fandom are gems; people who we connect with on a level that goes beyond our shared interest; talents we never would have discovered before, from the writers who bring us more of the characters and world we crave, to the banner makers who give images to match the words.
Then there are people like Mina, someone who is like finding a chest full of buried treasure.
Mina is one of those people in the fandom whose name is always around. If there was a contest, there was a good chance she was the one who made all the pretty banners I, as a writer, lusted after.  So many years later, I can’t remember who approached who—whether I asked her for my first banner or she just made one out of the goodness of her own heart. I know it got to a point where I would start a new story, and more often than not, an e-mail from Mina would just appear.
Her banners are gorgeous. They’re the epitome of art, each of them communicating something all its own. From the images she chooses, the filters she uses to cast a certain hue, and the font on the title, her banners catch the eye and make you want to read the story behind them. And she’s crazy good at what she does. Once, I told her about a story I was planning to release on a friend’s birthday. It was only about an hour later that she messaged me to hold on an extra minute, that she was almost done with the banner. The banner in question came out as polished and perfect as it always does. Heck, this chick made a banner for my story-gift to her.
But more than just a banner maker, in Mina, I found a friend forever. This amazing woman has been with me through some pretty bad times. She’s always there with kind words and an oddly appropriate gif to make me laugh. She’s one of two people I talk to every day and one of a few who reads every single word I write. Anyone who knows me knows that’s got to be a time-consuming job all its own. Yet no matter how busy her own day—and her days are filled to the brim with work, school, and family—she always has time for me.
As we move on from fandom things, I’m looking forward to seeing Mina’s body of work grow. I adore the book cover she made for my original fiction, and some of the private work she’s shown me is simply breathtaking.
Thank you, Mina. Thanks for the beautiful art. Thanks for being one of the people I can release my inner fangirl with. Thanks for being an enthusiastic and voracious reader. Thanks for being you. You’re a gift that gives so much—not just to me but to all the fandom.

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-  Tribute by Michelle Renker Rhodes - 
(presented without edits)

When I ponder the list of attributes that makes Patty Rosa such a perfect recipient of the fandom achievement award, my mind spins in different directions. On one hand, I think of the writer, who can describe with such intricate detail the touch of Edward’s soft, warm mouth on Bella’s neck, lips or other delicate… parts that I can actually feel those very lips slowly graze across my own skin-whew! (Is it me, or is it getting a bit warm in here?) On the other hand, I also think of Patty the mom, who like myself can often be found baking some sugar laden delicacy for her family while simultaneously worrying about gaining weight- an issue we often discuss and lament, for we both share an unparalleled love of food while also wanting our pants to button. The struggle is real!  On many occasions, we have stayed up late into the night hashing out specific details regarding an emerging plot, or at other times, we might be sharing with each other the woes of parenting adolescent children. (Unfortunately, that struggle is also real!) As all of you know, Patty is a brilliant wordsmith, who can weave together a tale of heartache and strife so realistic that we weep when reading as if we have experienced her words in real-life. However, some of you may not know that she is also a hard-working suburban mom, who spends her week days working a full-time job while effortlessly running her home just to turn around and fill her weekend time traveling between dance competitions and karate lessons. When I think of the words I want to say as I pay tribute to Patty, both sides of her personality emerge before me because it is truly her unique ability to balance so many roles simultaneously that often impresses and inspires me the most.
To accurately understand my relationship with Patty, I need to start where any good story should start- the beginning. In the fall of 2009, our family had just relocated. Not long into my son’s school year, he came to me and asked if I would take him to some movie all the other kids were seeing, so off we went to see the latest teen craze named Twilight. I did NOT want to go see what I assumed would be some cliché movie about adolescent vampires, but as we emerged from that dark theatre, I was yet to realize how irrevocably my world had shifted on its axis.
In the weeks that followed, I consumed the entire series. Naturally, once I had devoured the books, I wanted more because I felt that so much was left unsaid. As all of you, my quest for more of these two, young lovers led me into the world of Fanfiction. I wandered through this fascinating creation rather haphazardly for a while, but one day, I came across a story by the name Thief of Hearts. As I read this story and joined in the lively discussion found on Patty Rosa’s page, I realized that I was intrigued not only by the story itself, but also I was enraptured by the story teller. I was engaged and eager to fit together the pieces of this specific mystery and unveil the full picture of how our beloved sweethearts would finally connect since they were currently embroiled in such an enigmatic web of deception and intrigue.
Throughout the final chapters Patty posted, she and I became better acquainted, so one day, I approached her to see if she would be interested in my help.  During the same time that I began conversing with Patty, I had a son enter high school, and my baby girl left me to start kindergarten. Mother wasn’t as needed as she had been, yet going back to teach was out of the question, for we had moved hours from my previous position, and my husband traveled too often, yet I desperately wanted to feel necessary- relevant. When Patty said that she was interested in my help, I felt a bit of my life come back into focus. Even though it is my job to refine Patty’s words, I feel that it was Patty, who truly helped reshape and re-define me. She gave back to me a small piece of my purpose by allowing me the honor of working with and exploring throughout the pages she eloquently filled with her words.
As many of you are aware, I tease and say that I am Patty Rosa’s right-hand heifer. I also like to joke by displaying a picture of large, red panties i.e. big girl panties as a warning that a bit of thick skin is about to be required during the upcoming section of Patty’s text because if she isn’t someone who can force you to pull up your big girl drawers, then I don’t know who can. The truth of the matter is that no matter how playful I sound, when I warn readers that they are about to need big red- the name I have given my big girl panties, then in that moment, I am being dead serious, for Patty loves the angst- the woe, the gut wrenching circumstances. Paradoxically, I am often a complete wuss, longing for the sweetness- the happy and the lovey-dovey.  We can be opposites in that respect, yet somehow the back and forth tug seems to work quite nicely. Patty has made my thin skin a bit thicker while I have tried to reel back her tendencies to inflict so much heartache upon our dear couple that average heifers like me must assume the fetal position to survive the sadness. In this respect, she and I are like the Sonny and Cher of Fanfic.
Throughout Indecent Proposal, The Cullen Legacy, Spin and Sway, and The Age of Innocence-just to list a few of the stories on which I have been Patty’s beta, we have worked together, muddling through countless scenarios.  We discuss, fuss, and maybe even cuss a bit over everything from the direction in which a story is headed to the use of certain prepositions or single quotation marks-haha. I threaten to pull the hair of hateful heifers, who write mean reviews while she just laughs at my antics and plugs away with her brilliance. Yet, throughout the entire process of working through a story from beginning to end, my admiration for Patty does nothing but grow, not only on account of her God-given talent but also due to her sheer tenacity.
Most of us are familiar with authors, who have lost their way- forgotten a story or just simply quit writing it, yet that never happens with Patty. Even though she has a husband and three kids along with a job, many extended family members and various engagements, Patty plugs away diligently, bringing story after story to life. She never loses focus or direction no matter how busy life gets.
Of all the phrases that Patty has coined for us, and out of all the wonderful memories she has left in the hearts and on the minds of her readers, my all-time favorite line is from the Age of Innocence, and it reads that “true and loyal hearts never forget”. In many ways, Patty embodies this line. As a friend as well as a writer, Patty is and has a true and loyal heart, which never forgets about the people, who motivate her. So today, I virtually raise my glass in a toast to Patty saying, “You, dear friend, have and will always inspire me, for through your friendship and your words, I am encouraged to believe in people, believe in friendship, and believe in the hope and the existence of forever love. Thank you for giving me the honor of working with you. Here’s to many more years of banter involving both real-life along with all of your amazing plots, created about our sweet, forever lovers.”

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- Tribute by Carrie ZM and LayAtHomeMom - 

Every writer has a niche, a forte; something they can do and do well. Only a few can do it all.
But no one does it all like planetblue.
Although she’s a long-time fanfic reader, planetblue burst onto the writing scene in 2012 with Barefoot in Texas, a sweet little story about finding what you didn’t know you always needed. Readers were instantly smitten with this Bella, the free-spirited Shutterbug who turned an uptight Edward’s world upside down. This was our first glimpse at planetblue’s gift—writing the perfect mix of sweet and sizzle with just the right amount of drama to keep it interesting. She dazzled us, leaving us starry-eyed and smiling and utterly unprepared for what she was going to unleash on us next.
The man.
The myth.
The mustache.  
No, pals, we’re not talking about Forks’ most eligible bachelor, Charlie Swan. We’re talking about Manchu, the dirty-talking, hard-fucking, deviant doctor who sent this fandom into a frenzy and is, at last count, responsible for at least two pregnancies. True facts! Deviant was a game changer, a rule breaker. Not only did planetblue up the smutty ante with this one, she fearlessly tackled topics that many others wouldn’t touch and dared us to fall in love with an Edward who straight-up rocked a Fu Manchu. Now, we’re not saying that Movember became a thing as a direct result of Deviant readers’ newfound appreciation for and unbridled sexual attraction to mustaches like Manchu’s, but let’s be real. It totally did.
But how does one follow up a juggernaut like Deviant?
With two flawed, give-no-fucks teenagers on the run to the tune of a killer Doors soundtrack, of course.  This time, planetblue flipped the script on the fandom, opting not to bring the sexy back and instead taking her readers on a gritty, wild, and oddly romantic ride in Badlands. She gave greasy-haired Bella Swine the joyride of her life in a stolen convertible driven by an unhinged Edward with a penchant for carnage and guyliner. To her credit, planetblue brilliantly kept her readers on that knife’s edge throughout. Many of us found ourselves rooting for the misguided youth and trying our damndest to tamp down the nagging feeling that this couldn’t end well.  In Badlands, planetblue not only flexed her masterful storytelling and descriptive writing muscles; she also showed us that where her writing is concerned, the only thing we can ever expect is the unexpected.
Artful Maneuvers gave us just that—an unexpected, plot-driven mystery set in the high stakes world of stolen art. Readers and Bella alike were seduced by the enigmatic Edward, a seemingly roguish playboy with a fondness for priceless masterpieces. A true whodunit to the very last word, planetblue kept us guessing as she skillfully—or, dare we say, artfully—unraveled the mystery behind the man with the different-colored bedroom eyes. She definitely brought the suspense and the heat with this fic.
And then she went off the rails.
Forgoing her normal writing style, she brilliantly tapped into the stream of consciousness of a good man doing a very bad thing in Crazy Like That.
It was and still is today one of those jaw-dropping reads that stays with you long after it’s done. Readers were fairly split down the middle, either clutching their pearls at the unapologetic and honest way the story unfolded or gobbling up every titillating moment and asking for seconds. Absolutely fearless, planetblue stood firm, writing the story in a way that was both true to her vision and true to her characters, proving once again that our girl is bold, ballsy, and a straight-up badass.
Readers can always count on planetblue to bring the authenticity and a fresh new slant to these characters. Who else could have the Angel of Death succumb to his lust for life? Or resurrect the 1970s NYC punk scene and its king through a camera lens and the memories of a wide-eyed Jersey girl? Or better yet, who could make us shiver with dirty words from a velvet voice through an earpiece at an altitude of 30,000 feet? Mile high, oh my.
Only planetblue.
Our pug-lovin’, huge-hearted, beautiful-minded, amazingly talented bestie. As her beta and pre-reader, we’re thrilled and beyond grateful to have a front row seat throughout the entire process, watching her mind work as she creates these stories and characters that captivate her readers time and time again. As her friends, we’re thankful for the hours of laughs, the memories created, and all the love she’s brought to our lives.
She is such a wonderfully positive force in this fandom, and we could not be more proud of her for all the amazing contributions she’s made to this community. We’re excited to see what comes next, both here and hopefully in the publishing world someday. No matter which she chooses, we’re confident that her fearless storytelling and beautiful writing will never stop dazzling us all. Whether she’s sweeping us off our feet, breaking our hearts, turning us on, pissing us off, or making us question how something so wrong can feel so fucking right, she will continue to do so…

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- Tribute by GothicTemptress/Becca Vry - 

Impact. It’s a word I strongly associate with the stories and authors that have touched so many with razor-sharp suspense and dramas, rib-bruising comedy, heart-melting romances, and swoon-worthy erotica. When we are lucky enough to stumble upon a literary story that renders us speechless, the author of that work forms a tight grip on our hearts, leading to hungering literary experiences that leave us ravenous for more from that writer. Savage7289 a.k.a. Shay Savage has always affected my appetite in this way, exhibiting high-quality effectuations in forming impactful character and plot encounters within her readers’ minds. She has made significant contributions to the fandom that helped hone her skills and embraced her with a voracity that is rarely matched. If there is a Twific author deserving of a Fandom Achievement Award, it certainly is our beloved Savage.
My first “Savage” experience certainly is in keeping with my penchant for anything gothic, with a darker, blood-thirsty, and eerie beginning. The enticing, possessively irrevocable pull toward temptation... It’s the driving force behind so many stories that touch our lives and appeal to me personally, and it’s what drew me to her WIP called Hide and Drink so many years ago. Then came Savage’s sexy, bodice-ripping Unexpected Circumstances. I’m a sucker for historical romances (Jane Austen is one of my favorite authors). It was the beginning of my love affair with the work of this talented author, who was very astute at fleshing out the psychological and physical captor/captive dynamic and the counterbalance of her historical romance of love, with depraved, delicious pulls in every emotional direction along the way. Memorable stories like Caged, Transcendence, and Offside only added to her arsenal of stories that touched my heart in ways that challenge my ability to adequately describe with words.
Back then, I began reviewing these stories and formed an online acquaintance with Savage through review replies and discussions on Twilighted, a relationship that grew when I met her in person at the TwiFic Meet Up in Chicago in 2013. In real-time bonding over our shared love of Chicago, a lack of verbal filers, martinis, a common love of goth and industrial music, and the propensity for foul-mouthed wickedness, I found a true soul sister.
It’s an experience so many of us share in this fandom, isn’t it? We get addicted to stories or discussions, gather together under the cloak of our shared love of all things Twilight and Twific, and feel the warmth of the connection generated beneath that comforting veil of commonality as we meet up as kindred spirits in real life. Beyond the treasured experience of following her WIPs and reading her stories, meeting her in Chicago was another memorable Savage experience, and one I cherish very deeply.
As I’ve connected with Savage on a closer level over the years and followed her transformation from fic author to published one, I’ve noticed something really inspiring about her. It’s something I think many who are familiar with her work and have interacted with her can attest: She is a living embodiment of the spirit of her work. There is no denying the fact that there is a tangible authenticity when it comes to Savage as a person or as a writer. There is no real-life/fiction segregation in the Savage experience, a fact I’m inspired by and honored to illuminate on her behalf as she’s presented with this Fandom Achievement Award.
As she’s broadened her horizons and began publishing stories that have earned her many much-deserved accolades and spots on prestigious best seller lists, her works exhibit how talented at fleshing out incredibly flawed yet relatable characters she really is. And as in real life interactions with her over the years, her works also mimic her gift of embracing opportunities to dig deeper in personal and creative ways, bouncing from serious moments to hilarity, balancing seriousness with a lightheartedness that keeps readers (and anyone in her presence through her interpersonal skills) riveted and hungry for more.
Her perfectly imperfect Edward Cullens and Bella Swans are unforgettable. Her flawed and incredibly complicated literary heroes, like her Evan Arden and Sebastian Stark, are just two examples written in a way that tug at our heartstrings and inspire us to question our own judgments of them or their actions in their stories. Just as in real-life friendships and conversation with Savage, the construct of her stories inspire emotional reactions as well as naughty titillation (the memory of actor Michael Sheen reading a sexy excerpt from Savage’s Unexpected Circumstances on VH1, anyone?), because the characters are drawn with such depth, tremendous care to detail, and so much heart. That is Savage’s true heart and talent on display for us to see, touch, and feel.
Lounging behind the pages of her books, or sitting next to her on a bar stool at a bustling watering hole, there is no doubt Savage is authentic to who she is, what she believes, and how she creates and touches others. Her stomping ground of life seeps beautifully into the creative worlds she adventures in as she takes us with her. That tangible authenticity and her truth make her not only a trustworthy friend, but a reliable author of plots and convincing characters the reader can count on.
Just as she’s boldly willing to dive into the gutter or delve into unpleasant, controversial, and challenging topics of conversation in real life, there also exists the fact that she’s fearless in creatively experimenting with diverse genres (historical, crime/suspense/mob, supernatural, science fiction, romance, erotica), eras (stone age, medieval, present day, futuristic), and expressions of raw, tangible human emotion. It’s extraordinary how her breadth of literary works exhibit her unfailing willingness to embrace creative challenges. This fact wins over fans of her works worldwide. This beautiful truth has won me over.
Savage, when you read this, I hope you realize how inspirational you are to me and to so many others, how much you’ve touched the lives of others. It’s no surprise to learn you would be presented with this Fandom Achievement Award. Your consistency, your incredible talent, and your undeniable gift to cradle your readers within beautiful, affecting, and suspenseful scenarios—as we are lulled into the comfort of your poignant characterizations and nurtured by your impressive breadth of variety of genres and heart-stopping twists and turns—have a tangible impact on readers that can’t be denied. I am honored to not only have followed your creative journey through the fandom over many years, but to call you a true, treasured friend. Thank you for sharing your talent, your time and your heart with us, and may you have many more prosperous years of creativity and personal/professional growth in your future! Your award is much deserved and showcases your talent in a way that leaves an indelible mark on all who honor you with it and believe in you.
Thank you for the Savage experience and for being you. You add a dazzling spark to literary experiences and to life in general, and create one hell of an impact on so many. That’s for sure! I continue to feel warmed and incredibly touched by your friendship and body of work. I love you, and I am so proud of you.

The Plan

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-  Tribute by troublefollows1017/Amy Vastine - 

In the world of fanfic, especially a huge fandom like Twilight, it’s not easy to stand out and be different. The names are the same. The setting is usually the same. Similar tropes are used over and over. Six years ago, when the fandom was booming, it was next to impossible to do something fresh.
But that’s exactly what happened when QuantumFizzx wrote The Plan. To me, The Plan is the beginning of the drabble. Short chapters posted frequently. Not just that, but the chapters were posted in real time. If Bella was supposed to be somewhere at 5:00 on Thursday, a chapter was posted at 5:00 on Thursday. People were losing their minds waiting for updates, bouncing in their seats. “Where will I be at 7:00 my time?” someone asked. Many were demanding more, more, more. This was a game changer for Twilight fanfic. Readers loved the style, the pacing, the inner monologue of a Bella they were all rooting for (which isn’t an easy feat, mind you!).
QuantumFizzx has a wonderful sense of humor, and it comes through in her writing. If you skim through the 19,000+ reviews, you’ll repeatedly see the words “witty,” “humorous,” “poetic,” “snarky,” and “hilarious.” People were laughing, snorting, and guffawing, and the story was doing a lot of ass-owning. Readers were hooked from the start and stayed with her until the end. It wasn’t only funny but sexy, emotional, and low on angst for all those who can’t stomach torturing our hero and heroine.
I will admit I did not read The Plan until it was complete. I missed out on the 6:00 am wake-ups to read the update, but I was just as hooked. I am pretty sure I read the whole thing in less than a day. There was so much laughing out loud, it was embarrassing. I was inspired to quote lines back to her in reviews because there were just so many good ones! This Bella was like none before her. She was smart and hilarious, and you couldn’t hate her. And Edward… Well, we all love Edward in every story, but QuantumFizzx managed to give us one of the best. He was a giant a-hole who turned out to be so much more. He didn’t say much, but you couldn’t help but fall madly in love with him.
The Plan wasn’t just a story to me. It introduced me to people I might not have ever met otherwise. When I finally made it to the Facebook world of Twilight fanfic, I was introduced to a group who had come together because of their love for The Plan. We all know about author groups and the fun that can go on there, but this was different. This was a small group of women from all over the world (Germany, Italy, Canada, and the good old USA), who loved reading fanfic and came together because of this one groundbreaking story. Since the secret group no longer exists, I guess I can share the name. These women called themselves PLF, short for Pineapple Lemon Fizz. Best name ever, if you ask me! Not every story can unite people from multiple nations, but The Plan did. I have virtually celebrated weddings and births with these ladies and been there through their ups and downs. Many I still consider my friends today, six years later.
It does not surprise me that Quantumfizzx had such success when she pulled The Plan and published it. You don’t have to be a Twilight fan to love this story. You only have to love amazing storytelling. Thank you, Quantumfizzx, for sharing your talent with this fandom. We will forever be grateful.

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- Tribute by Sally Hopkinson - 

When I was first asked to write something about There is a Light, I was thrilled. Then, I was terrified! How do you write about a story so many hold so dear? Then I decided, in order to do it justice, I would need to re-read it. Such a hardship … Not! I first found this story in a roundabout way. I had read Edward Cullen, Dick for Hire, and I had heard the author had collaborated with two other authors to write a few fun stories that involved the kids from their fics. So, I searched them out. You see, I was a bit late to the party in reading fanfiction, so I needed to play catch-up. I then binged on Fridays at Noon and, finally, got to There is a Light. This group of stories was my introduction to the all-human genre of Twilight fanfiction, and There is a Light was my introduction to the world of angst.
It all begins as a bedtime story for Bella’s daughter, whom she calls “Little One.”
"Tell me more one day, Mommy?"
"How about a little every day until the story's told?"
I gently close her bedroom door. I tiptoe to my room and find the box at the back of my closet. I haven't opened it since long before my daughter was born. I sift through a dozen little notebooks filled with the twisted cursive handwriting I carefully constructed as a teenager. The books are full of poems and quotes and lyrics and drawings. A handmade card flutters to the floor, and my breath catches in my throat.
It was made for my seventeenth birthday. Thirteen watercolor irises float in a sea of green. There are thirteen for the date we were going to see them together and also thirteen for the date I first met him. Lucky thirteen. Tears prick my eyes.
I tend to think just of the good pieces of this story, but so many of those parts only happened in my head. The reality of it all is stuck between pages of my fantasy, thrown away with old memories, buried deep in the sandy soil of Long Island, New York, and thrown over bridges into the gray waters of the Hudson.
I know the story won't be the same without those bits.
I hope I tell it well.
I know one thing for sure: it all began with a question.
Do you know The Masens?
The story is told in a series of remembrances and flashbacks blended with the present-day narrative of Bella telling her story to her daughter. I’m sure we can all remember that first crush we had on a favorite musician. This story brings back all those feelings. Were you lucky enough to get to meet that crush? Did you fall in love with him? Did he love you back? This was the fairy tale of many a teenaged girl, no matter what the era, but not all fairy tales are sunshine and rainbows. Sometimes, there is darkness and sadness too. This is one of those stories. There are incredible highs and deep, deep lows. But, in the end, there is light.
Bella first meets Edward after a concert she went to with her friends, Jacob and Seth.
It did happen. Edward sat down next to me on a pier one night, overlooking a swamp. And then we fell down. And, I’m still quite certain what I saw in his eyes when he was laughing may have been love. … Whether a stroke of unbelievable luck, or tragic decision, I can see the moment when I climbed into that limousine for what it was: a life-altering choice.
And, boy, did her life change. Since this as a time before cellphones or the internet, Edward and Bella began writing letters to each other. Bella was very insightful for her age, and Edward craved her thoughts on the music he was writing. And, so it began.
To me, he was really old, but I fell in love … with his music, anyway. He was thirty-one.
I’m not going to tell you the whole story, nor am I going to give away the cause of the angst. It needs to be experienced in all the back and forth of the storytelling, which is amazing!
We'd packed so much passion and love, and then desperate pain, into such a short amount of time—he'd set off a bomb in my heart. Its effects pervaded each and every word that I wrote. It would forever.
But, I will leave you with some of my favorite bits of the story—the parts that can, after all these years, still bring a tear to my eye and warmth to my heart.
The story … our story. I gazed at Edward and saw the whole story unfolding before my eyes: the enigmatic rock star turned reluctant lover, turned man who stole my heart and made me believe in myself. He was the same man who tore me apart and left me for dead, and he was the man who tried to win me back for over a decade.
“You can't lose me. I've been trying to get you back ever since I left. You're everything. I'd hold on, for you, forever.”
Bella tries to explain to her daughter about Edward’s dark times.
“Edward will always hold you in his heart, no matter how sad he gets. You're one of the lights in his heart. … He loves me, and he's loved you since before you two even met.”
To which her daughter responds, “Because I'm your daughter. And because I know The Masens, and I like them best of all, and I'm in charge of the light?”
In the end, I let myself love Edward again, and I let him be a part of my life.
Because, no matter what:  There is a light that never goes out.
Now, I know there are some who can’t handle angst, but trust me, you don’t want to miss out on this wonderfully told story of love and loss, hurt and healing, and growing up. And, once you’ve given this a read, continue on to Edward Cullen, Dick for Hire and Fridays at Noon. Once you have those read, do not miss out on the awesomeness that is the Tricycle of Awesomeness’ sequels centered on all these characters and their kids. You won’t be disappointed. And check out all of belladonnacullen’s other stories, as well. I’m still hoping Shame will be completed someday.

TwiFic Meet Up
with special recognition to mskathy, Ky Girltwo, and Lynzy Lee

- Blinkie by beegurl13

- Tribute by SouthernCharm/Stephanie Jones and Charmie/Aimee Hadley - 

SoutherCharm/Stephanie Jones:

The TwiFic Meetup has been our annual gathering for several years. It is unique in that this isn’t just about a book series or movies. It’s about the fanfiction that came out of Twilight and, let’s face it, the friendships that have spanned through our love of fanfiction. We all, in one way or another, wanted more. The TwiFic Meetup gave us a place to fangirl over our favorite writers and celebrate when they published and found even greater success. It gave writers a place to meet and really know their readers. It’s given us a place in the real world where we could be more than just fanfiction; we can be friends and sisters. It’s a place where we speak our own language and no one will think you’re weird when you gush over an update of your favorite WIP or let it be known that a fic with an Edward POV is your heroin! We can “turpentine” and “Spark.”  We know what it’s like for our brains to be gooey, like warm cookies, and have a “unicorn.” We can have all the feelings. Together.
The TwiFic Meetups wouldn’t have happened in Chicago, Nashville, Philadelphia, San Diego, and coming up in Las Vegas without the hard work, dedication, and help of some amazing people bringing us together and shaping our traditions.
mskathy has been leading the way and shaping how we experience fic since the beginning. She beta’d Tara Sue Me’s The Submissive, The Dominant, and The Training, helping to bring us one of the first fics with, what I call, “super lemons.” But more importantly, she opened up an entire world and helped bring truth and honesty about this lifestyle into the mainstream.  She gave us The Trip Home and introduced us to a Bella, Edward, Jasper polyamory that made us practically salivate! She was able to bring about something so thought-provoking that we could see her Bella, Edward, and Jasper leap naked off the page.  mskathy was part of the very first panel at Comic-Con, helping to bring Twific into the mainstream and bringing readers together, which led to our meetups. She brings a warmth, acceptance, and honesty to our group.
Ky Girltwo, our Kentucky Girl, is the whirlwind that swirls about and brings us together. Sometimes we fangirl over fangirls, and this woman definitely deserves the squees and hugs! Her slow-motion running hug story with Lynzy Lee is one of the best examples of how our friendships, formed online in many cases, become our very best friends in real life. She’s the organizational glue pulling our meetups together and is such an inspiration that we feel honored to follow her footsteps for TFMU 2017.
Every time we think about KyGirl, we automatically think of Lynzy Lee, too. They are peas and carrots, peanut butter and chocolate. They just go together! Lynzy is a swag-getter extraordinaire, has served as a beta and pre-reader for some of our favorite fics, and pimps hard over at The Lemonade Stand and other blogs. Lynzy is a superfan, a supporter of authors in the fandom, out of the fandom, and those who have published. There are moments when you know TwiFic has made it; who will ever forget when she was featured in Buzzfeed with her “Shower, Prosthetic, Leg” sign?!

Charmie/Aimee Hadley:

I came into this fandom in 2009.  I was immediately befriended and felt honest and true acceptance by mskathy.  I have felt loved, accepted, and cherished in this fandom.  I think this is the legacy of mskathy and KyGirl.  
Really let that sink in.  Legacies are important. It's how we remember someone long after they’ve left their mark on our lives. I learned this early on in my life. My mom had once told me this story about my parents going to a funeral for the friend of my mother’s before I was even a glint in their eyes.  A 29-year-old wife and new mother died of a brain aneurysm.  Talk about life being futile. My mother was crying so hard she couldn’t speak, and she looked at my dad and said, “You must think I’m such a baby, carrying on like this.” He looked at her, smiled, and said, “I think being loved like that would be nice. That you care enough to grieve her means she made her mark on the world.  Nothing wrong with that.”  
First, thank you for letting me tell my little story, but the moral behind it is important, I think.  To know you were loved and cherished is important in life.  For some of us, we don’t often feel it.  mskathy and KyGirl make sure we feel it, not just at the meetup but before, during, and after by tirelessly giving of themselves—so much so that most of us don’t know the hardships it may have caused them.
They give their time, hearts, and souls.  They made sure every single one of us felt we each have a voice regardless of the author, beta, or reader status.
I can recall forming friendships with so many because we bonded over a fic, a line, a feeling that was evoked.  I think that is what makes our fandom special.  

As we begin a new phase of our fandom, let us all come together and thank everyone and give mskathy, Ky Girltwo and Lynzy Lee giant hugs, kisses and SHOTS in Vegas!

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  1. Wonderful job on the tributes. Thank you to everyone who contributes to this wonderful program.