1.   You may nominate as many different authors, fics, fandom members, etc. as you wish for one category. There is no limit.

2.   You do not have to submit a nomination for every category in order for your ballot to be accepted.

 3.  You must fill in every field for the category you are nominating in. Do not leave a field empty, or your nomination will not be accepted.

4.   Be sure the information you submit is correct, or your nomination will not be counted (i.e. links are working, author's name matches the link to their FFn page, author's name is spelled correctly, fic title is spelled correctly).

5.   With the exception of the categories listed below, previous first place winners are not eligible to be nominated for the category in which they won. (For example, Emancipation Proclamation cannot be nominated in the Favorite All-Time Fic category, as it has already taken first place in that category.) Any nominations submitted for previous first place winners not in the list below will not be accepted. 

Favorite Captain Sassafras
Favorite Cliffhanger Fic
Favorite Da Vinci
Favorite Ellen
Fandom 411
Favorite Fangirl
Favorite Fic Pimp 
Favorite Fic Pimp Site
Favorite Grammar Nazi
Favorite Mister Rogers
Favorite Porn Dealer
Favorite Screener
Favorite Scribbler Alliance
Favorite Veteran Author
Favorite Writing Contest
Favorite Writing Help

Every validated nomination will result in a spot on the voting poll. Submitting a duplicate nomination will have no bearing on the final results (i.e. nominating one person/fic/etc. more than once will not boost the nominee’s chances of winning the poll). Only the number of votes received from the poll will affect the final results.

With the exception of the host, contest 
staff members are eligible for nominations and wins. The host is the only staff member who will have access to the nomination and voting data until all rounds are closed. We have amazing graphic designers, authors, pre-readers, betas, and reviewers on staff. Don't hesitate to show your appreciation with a nomination!


When a nomination form requires a link, please be sure it links to the proper page. Examples: For favorite Da Vinci, enter the link to wherever it is the member's artwork is located. For Favorite Fangirl, enter the link to wherever it is the member fangirls from (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, blog). For Fandom 411, enter the link to wherever it is the member relays fandom news/information (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, blog). For Mister Rogers, enter the link to wherever it is the member gives out the positive reinforcements (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, blog). And so on and so forth.

If the staff cannot verify the nomination via the information provided, the nomination will be disqualified. We hate having to disqualify any nomination, so please make sure the information you provide is correct and by the rules. If you're unsure whether the information you're about to submit is correct or will cause your nomination to be disqualified, please send an email. 

"Scene"/Quote Categories

An unlimited number of quotes for one story may be submitted for nomination, and the eligible quotes will move forward to Round 1. After Round 1 polls are closed, if a "Scene" category has three or more quotes from the same story in the top 10, only the top two quotes for that story will be allowed to move on to the final voting round. The remaining spot(s) will then be taken by the next top-voted quote(s) on the list.

Please do not enter more than four (4) lines (lines = sentences) of the scene (or 40 words total), or your nomination will be disqualified. All quotes must be direct quotes as they are found in the story. No paraphrasing or altering of the author's words for the purpose of nomination is allowed. Any nomination submitted which is a variation from what is directly in the fic will be disqualified. 


There will be two rounds of voting. The first voting poll will consist of every validated nomination. The nominees with the top ten vote counts will advance to the second voting poll. (In the event the category does not yield enough nominees, only the top five will be displayed.) The nominees with the top three vote counts will place accordingly.

1.   Only one vote per person will be allowed every 24 hours.

2.   You do not have to vote in every category in order for your vote to be accepted.

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