2013 Fandom Achievement Awards

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"Abraham Lincoln delivered the Emancipation Proclamation in 1862 and declared the ownership of other human beings should be outlawed, but it didn’t end there. It didn’t even end two years later when Congress passed the 13th amendment, official declaring slavery illegal. People were still bought and sold today, bound to servitude, stripped of all rights and privileges. I was born in 1989, well over a century after the government abolished slavery. Slavery exists in every in corner of America, the slave trade in and out of the cities and suburbia kept secret. With enough money, you can buy anyone. It’s the year 2005… and today I’m being sold.”   Emancipation Proclamation Prologue

Emancipation Proclamation, better known to most of us as EP, a Twilight fanfiction, was birthed to the fandom and written by J.M. Darhower, who was known to everyone as ‘kharizzamtik’ or ‘khar.’  EP is a story about a family of flawed characters, their dealings with the mafia, and their dangerous but extremely significant hand in the trafficking and liberation of a teenage girl. In an effort of salvation, a world of love, loss, pain, and sacrifice is created but is soon shaken off its hinges. The writing and plot then flow effortlessly into a climactic summit, paving a way to the most passionate sense of redemption.

EP is known as one of those stories that, no matter how you think about it, you feel things - intensely fantastic and strangely terrible things. Like when you read “La mia bella ragazza,” and your entire face lights up with a smile. Or even when the word ’fucking’ makes you chuckle out loud, because it reminds you of Edward. And the moment that Edward and Bella initially meet, or the moment she first makes him a homemade cherry coke. Your heart trembled when Bella eavesdropped on Edward during a vulnerable moment at his piano, and I bet you cried laughing when Bella told Edward he looks like ”that guy from the Harry Potter films.” How about the things you feel when you think about “18th Floor Balcony,” or how Edward and Bella spent their first Valentine’s Day together? Or when Bella woke up on the day after Christmas, and where Edward lay, she found a piece of paper instead. Then we can’t discount those tragic moments, like the things you felt when Alec shot his own sister or the moment when Bella’s mother killed herself just when we thought everything was supposed to be okay. What about the total devastation you felt when Carlisle died, and how the word ‘perdonami’ was then imprinted onto your heart forever? But the sun shone on your entire life, though, when it paved the way for Edward and Bella to find their way back to each other. Then you hear the words “You were worth it!” and you completely break down, because it means and owns everything.

When you think of EP, you cannot help think about khar, because they are both one in the same. As much as this award is quite a fanfiction achievement within the fandom in itself, credit must also be given where it is due. It is because of the swirling words in her head and the fierce passion that lies in her heart that we were able to witness and live in this universe that she has created. And yes, I say universe, because to some of us, EP goes far beyond this world. It’s a story adored by the masses and travels with every soul it has touched. Whether you read it as a work in progress, anxiously awaiting drop-everything-and-read updates, or as a completed work of art, or even as the brilliantly published version, it stays with you.

Emancipation Proclamation is not just another fanfiction but a true testimony to a reality that exists in our world today. Many of the themes affect some of us directly, as well as indirectly, and that is what gives it the ability to scar us so deep. When you devour this story, you are forever changed. The characters are perfectly imperfect, which makes it impossibly easy to love and hate them. The plot is so engaging that it slithers through your veins and embeds itself into your very core. Reaching out to the mastermind who wrote it is just a tweet away, too. She’s lovely and bright, always around and shares much of the same passions as ourselves. Whether to drop her a thought about the story or just to say hi, she’s one of the sweetest people around.

Certainly, I speak on behalf of the entire fandom when I express my heartfelt acknowledgments to Emancipation Proclamation for touching us in so many ways and for cutting us so deep but making no mess of attending to our wounds afterward, I believe it in my heart that when I say thank you for the wonderful impact this has had on our lives, I speak from the hearts of many. And whether it’s EP or Sempre (the published book),  or khar or J.M. Darhower, every single one of us who has been captivated by this extreme investment of time, love, and words will be here to support it 100%... every step of the way.

Rochelle Allison

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There are certain things within our fandom that elicit universal reactions and feelings. Like how the word ‘Turpentine’ can make our stomachs drop and mean something entirely different to us than the outside world. Or how the sight of a Toblerone candy bar makes us hum “18th Floor Balcony” and think about Emancipation Proclamation

The same can be said when someone mentions Rochelle Allison. It doesn’t matter if it’s a person who knows her personally or has only read her stories, their reaction is always the same; they smile.

Since the summer of 2009, she has gifted this fandom with her words, kindness, and easygoing personality. Her versatility as a writer provides something for everyone. While her stories feature the usual cast of characters, they feel unique each and every time.

With Volition, she drops us into a time of discontent and turmoil. She makes us feel every emotion of her characters, and her depiction of that time period feels so authentic, you forget all about your own time and place.

The same can be said for Starry Eyed Inside, which yanks you back to your teenage years. You experience butterflies, friendships, the giddy feeling of first love, and the gut-dropping way it felt the first time a boy broke your heart.

And while many of Rochelle’s stories give you that “feel good” feeling of romance, it doesn’t encompass what she is capable of as a writer. Her heart-stopping story Rise, where she weaves us through the dangers of life in the mafia, is proof of that. Even further removed, Glimmer Darkly walks us in the shadows of the supernatural with our beloved vampires.

No matter if it’s angst, drama, romance, or humor, the writing will be flawless, the plot well thought out, and the end result perfect. With Rochelle, there is a level of trust that can’t be matched, and that doesn’t end with her stories. Anyone who follows her on Twitter or Facebook knows she is one of the most levelheaded people in this fandom.

Never one to start drama, her posts and tweets have the ability to make even the most disgruntled person smile. Having met her in person, I can tell you that none of it is an act. She’s just a good person. She’s kind and understanding. She’s patient, polite, and sends the sweetest review replies. Her humility and positive attitude is one of the brightest lights in this fandom. She gives us her time, her words, and her friendship. I can’t imagine this fandom without her, and thankfully, I don’t have to.

On behalf of everyone, I want to thank her for the words she shares and the consistent way she treats people. And even though I know Rochelle is probably shaking her head right now, because that’s what she does, I hope she understands she’s the only one who doesn’t agree. Because if there is one thing we can all agree on, it’s that Rochelle Allison is an amazing person and writer. We are all blessed that she chose to be a part of the Twilight fandom.

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Let me take a moment to fangirl all over RoseArcadia, one of the biggest and best fangirls I’ve ever met. Jada is my kind of girl; passionate, creative, good-hearted, and love it or not, she is completely true to who she is. I, for one, love it. There isn’t a fake bone in that woman’s body, and I consider her a true friend.

When I joined the fandom and started reading fanfic, not only was I knocked over by the talent in the writing, I was blown away by the talented designer/artists who would create blinkies and banners, bringing the stories to life. I didn’t even know what a blinkie was, but I sure as hell found out. Being a career art director, it elevated the world of fanfic for me. I was stunned by the creativity and design talent… and I quickly learned that my favorites were made by RoseArcadia.

So when I started writing fanfic, you can bet that my dream was to work with Jada. I may have begged, and Jada was gracious, but she made it clear that she didn’t take on a blinkie request unless she was into the story. So I kept my fingers crossed as I posted chapters, hoping I’d win her over. It was such a proud moment when I did, and the blinkie she made for my first story, Work of Art, put tears in my eyes. Now fast forward four years, and we are working on book covers together. My respect for her has only grown.

I’m convinced that Jada doesn’t understand how super talented she is, but I know. I have worked with many, many designers over the years, and Jada is right up there with my favorites. She throws herself into her projects with passion and doesn’t give up until she is just as satisfied as the author she is working with. It’s an honor to see her name on my work.

We have all seen people come and go in our fandom, but Jada is still here, keeping it real. Her twitter feed is still pimping new fanfic stories, still loving up Jennifer Lawrence and the latest hot man, and still putting a smile on my face.

I love you, Jada. Thanks for making fanficland visually sophisticated and inspiring - a place I always was, and always will be, proud to be a part of.

Tropic of Virgo

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“Hello, Spark.”

How many of your stomachs dipped a little? I know mine did.

Those two little words make up one of the most memorable quotes from Twific for me. I've been reading stories here for five years now, and there are certain ones that left a mark on my heart and my mind, even after all this time. Tropic of Virgo resides in that special collection.

It began with a boy and a girl, both yearning for a fire they'd never felt, who connect online from over a thousand miles away only to unknowingly come face to face in the small town of Forks. Having read very few human E/B stories up to that point, finding ToV was like discovering this whole new world of possibilities. Suddenly, our 107-year-old, chivalrous vampire was this dissatisfied, artistic teenager. Boring Bella was impassioned and wise in a way that surpassed her age. In.a.blue.bathrobe took everything about Edward and Bella's connection from the books and adrenalized it, gave it a racing pulse. I remember being so enamored with the way Debussy_88 and Ordinary_Girl used words and music to express themselves. There was a beauty in the way they were connected, both behind their screens and face to face. And that churning excitement I felt in my chest every time they came just a little closer to discovering that they were each other's online confidant was a feeling I quickly became addicted to when each chapter posted.

Music took on a life of its own in this fic, becoming its own character. Lyrics and poetry were used to braid subtly and sensuality together in a way I hadn't experienced in fic. It was this burst of color, a wild and consuming courtship that was sometimes imperfect but never less than extraordinary in its intensity.

I want to thank In.a.blue.bathrobe for the memories and moments that took on a life for me, for setting the fic bar just a tad higher, and for creating a tale that will stay with this fandom for a very long time.

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