Iris, Organizer and Host
Worshiper of her royal highness, Mariah Carey. TwiHard, Parawhore, Ringer, Potterhead, Hunter. Award show junkie. TwiFic news anchor/writer/beta. Score whore and James Newton Howard groupie. Opinionated bitch. Inventor of loudness.


Jannika, Webmaster
Judgmental jerkface.

Mina, Graphic Designer
I enjoy writing and reading. They're outlets away from computer language and digital graphics. I like reading all kinds of stories, from the scariest of thrillers to the sappiest rom-coms. I love making banners for different fandoms, especially when authors show their appreciation. You can call me Mina. xo


Meagan, Validator
Hello, you beautiful people. I’m Meagan!  Avid overly-emotional sports fan, cupcake baker, cat lady extraordinaire, Hooker and all around Twific h00r. I also have a bachelor’s degree in fangirling with a minor in Robert Pattinson. I’ve written a few little stories.


Packy, Head Validator
Hi, I'm Packy. I love beautiful people doing beautiful things. I also happen to love beautiful places, which is why I'm a part of the Twilight fandom. Pre-reader and reader of many. All llama, no drama!


Jessica, Validator
Hey, y'all! I'm Jessica, or Icca. I'm a native Texan living in Ohio. Being a server at an Amish restaurant pays the bills. I'm a traveler, whether it be to Seattle, Dallas, Boston, or into the wonderful worlds that the writers create in the Twilight fandom. Give me a sassy Bella or a Geeky Edward, and I'm yours. I love all things Hello Kitty, Lady Gaga, and Harry Potter.


May P. Tucker, Validator
Hi, I’m May. I've been an avid Twi reader since 2009 when I discovered fanfic through IMDB, of all places. I love reading, sports, Twilight, Harry Potter, and tattoos. I’ve written some things but mostly enjoy reading. I have strong opinions and a big mouth.

Krystel Hamilton, Validator
Hey! I'm Krystel or, as most of you know me, myonlyheroin, fandom member from rainy PNW. I'm the Deaf/hoh one, lover of all things Twilight, Marvel, Harry Potter, and Lord of the Rings. Most importantly, I'm a lover of Loki, to the surprise of no one. I read probably way too much and write as much as I can.

Hadley Hemingway, Validator
Twilight pre-reader/beta, unapologetic night owl, and a voracious reader. Lover of black cats, Bowie, Sharpies, and champagne.

Cheryl Sunshine, Social Media Manager
Boy mom, wife, reader, writer, procrastinator extraordinaire. Lover of family, friends, fandom, and motorcycles. I’ve been reading Twi-fic since early 2015 and haven’t looked back since. 

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